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How to Have a Garden Party

There's nothing like a garden party! It's perfect for all ages, so whether you want to meet up with friends or plan a big family reunion, this theme will be a hit. If you're dreaming of fun in the summer sun, this blog is for you! Check out our advice on how to throw the perfect event.

Plan Your Theme

Choose a style for your party. To help you decide, think about your guest list. If there is a mix of children and adults, you might opt for something fun that families can enjoy. Think bright colours or surf beach motifs. Or, if it's an adults-only occasion, you could opt for the classical tea party. And sometimes, all you need is a colour scheme to help you theme the decor!


Once you've picked your theme, choose the perfect invitations to let everyone know about your garden party. You could personalise them online (perfect if you're in a rush) or order blank cards and fill in the details by hand (for that special touch). Don't forget to pick matching thank you cards for after the day!


 Featured Design: 'Beautiful Blooms - Drinks - Summer Party'


Seating and Decor

Seating arrangements are especially important for a garden party. Plan some tables and chairs that allow guests to relax and converse with each other. For children, you could create a special area with picnic blankets and pillows. Decor really depends on your theme, but whatever you've chosen, there are a few essentials to consider. Outdoor lighting, like a string of festoon lights or pretty candles, are key if the party will carry on until evening. Bunting, banners, and flowers will always look great, too. You will also need tableware, including cutlery, plates, napkins, and cups


The British weather can really be so unpredictable! Check the weather forecast in advance and try to pick a time of year where the sun is usually reliable! If you can fit a marquee tent in your party location, it's definitely a good idea to consider. But it's not just rain you might need shelter from - why not provide some parasols or a shady corner to help guests beat the heat?


Classic finger foods fit the relaxed nature of most garden parties. Light snacks like sandwiches, veggie skewers, and fruit are perfect for hot summer days. If you want to offer something more filling, make sure to offer a range of options to suit your guests' dietary needs. Recipe: Damn Delicious Keeping hydrated is important when you're out in the garden, so provide lots of chilled drinks. Fruit juices for the little ones and tasty cocktails for adults are always safe bets! Recipe: Domesticate Me Make sure to prepare for bugs outside. Citronella candles can help keep them away, but have food coverings close at hand, too. If you have space for a marquee or tent, you could keep refreshments there to help them stay fresh.