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What Is the Standard Size of a Place Card?

Rustic Woodland Birds Place Card

Never underestimate the importance of a place card. They are one of the key ingredients to ensuring a large event runs smoothly. But, one truly important thing to consider is the size of the card. How big do you want it to be? What do you want it to say?

Small but sweet?

Small cards aren't always ideal. You don't want to use cards that are too small for anyone to read their names (unless you're inviting people to the wedding in the hope that they will master the art of squinting). However, at times, small cards add the element of simplicity or elegance - which may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Eucalyptus Garland - Tri Fold Wedding Invitation & RSVP
Featured Design: Eucalyptus Garland Wedding Collection

Finding the right style to go with the size

Sometimes, the size of the card you use says a lot about the kind of statement you are making to your guests. A simple card containing the name of the guest gives out the obvious message, sit here.

But for some people, a place card doesn't have to consist solely of the guest's name. If you’re looking to make a sweeping statement with your place cards you’ll want something complete with vibrant colours and patterns, drawing your guests towards them like a beacon. Size can help convey the importance of the event and you could have a card that has a luscious, eye-dropping design surrounding your guest's name. It adds an extra bit of flair to the wedding and gives guests something else to keep after the event is over.

Kraft Vintage Flowers Place Card
Kraft Vintage Flowers Place Card

However, if you want large statement cards, then proceed with caution. If you've got a table that is expected to seat up to 15 people you may be running the risk of a cluttered table with the cards bunched together. It can be difficult to appreciate a beautiful design when the cards are all standing shoulder to shoulder.

Finding middle-ground

You need a solid middle-ground for your cards. Big enough to capture attention, small enough so that they don't take up too much space on the table. Thus, the average size for a place card is 5.5 x 8.5 cm - roughly the same size as a business card.

Delicate Inkwash Iridescent Table Plan
Featured Design: Delicate Inkwash Wedding Collection

Whether you want a place card laden with a floral design, a scheme such as Elegant Lace, or perhaps you are looking for a more random design such as Tandem for Two, Tree of Hearts can cater to your needs.