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Do You Send Save the Dates to Evening Guests?

Je t'aime Save the Date Cards

When it comes to weddings, we put great care into how to approach different types of guests who are coming to the big day. Some may only be attending the evening reception, while others may be invited to both the ceremony and the reception.

These considerations can filter down into many of the decisions which we make in the run-up to a wedding, including communications. We’re exploring the different options and whether or not your save the date cards should be sent to your evening guests, along with sharing some other tips to bear in mind.

Eucalyptus Garland Save the Date Cards
Eucalyptus Garland Save the Date Cards

Save the dates for all?

Save the date cards are designed as a prompt for exactly that - saving the date! That means you shouldn't make them exclusive for any type of guests. If you are inviting anyone to any part of your wedding, you want to let them know well in advance. That's why save the dates are useful ahead of your main invitation send out - so ensure that you send them to your entire guest list.

When to send?

It is another common question which we are asked a lot - when should you send out your save the date cards? As a general rule for weddings located in your local area, look to send out your save the dates around four months before the big day. Your invitations can then follow, around two months before the wedding. But for destination weddings, which take place in a foreign location, or on the other side of the country, more leeway is needed. Aim to send your save the dates around eight months beforehand - this will account for the extra planning which attending weddings in far-flung locations can necessitate.

Destination Passport Save the Date Magnets
Destination Passport Save the Date Magnets

Generic design is fine!

Save the dates can carry attractive and engaging designs, but that doesn't mean they need to be as personalised as an invitation. You should also be open-minded as to the theming of save the date cards or save the date magnets. You might not have decided on the general theme for your wedding yet, so don't worry too much about the design of your save the date; going for a generic look which does the job is fine - the main thing is to spread the word and get the date out there and into diaries and calendars.

Minimalist Typography Save the Date Magnets
Minimalist Typography Save the Date Magnets

Save the dates are an important part of wedding planning, and perhaps one of the elements which needs less thought in terms of design. Just make sure you don't send them out too late!