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Is It Okay to Send Birthday Invitations via Text?

Is It Okay to Send Birthday Invitations via Text?
In the past, we have been asked whether its okay to send out a text to invite guests to your birthday party. Despite being massive fans of traditional paper invitations, we've always said 'Yes!'. In fact, there are many benefits to sending out invitations via text, or via WhatsApp. Here are just a few reasons why:

It's free

Sending texts is free! This is the main reason why people send text invitations - and we can see why. If you are struggling with a party budget, we think that sending your invitations via text is a great idea. The money that you save can go towards other important things, such as the party venue or the buffet!


While a handmade or printed invitation can take a while to perfect, a text can be sent out almost immediately. Simply include the date and time of the party, and the location, and you're pretty much ready to go. You can add any extra details that you wish, including the dress code, details about the food and drinks, or how to get there.

Is It Okay to Send Birthday Invitations via Text? Should guests have any questions or want to confirm their attendance, they can simply send a text back to you. It's super easy!


Text invitations don't have to be boring! Add some quirky touches to make your invitations fun, such as emojis, pictures, and gifs. Similarly, you could send out an e-card. It's a fun and free invite that guests will enjoy receiving.


Paper invitations can sometimes get lost in the post; whereas a text is almost guaranteed to come through. Should you not get a response, you could simply message your friend on a different platform, or maybe pop to their house to discuss your party.

It's good for the environment

In 2020, everyone should be thinking about the environment! One of the best perks of sending text invitations is that they have very little impact on the environment compared to the alternatives. If you are particularly passionate about the environment or want to start making positive changes in 2020, why not send a text invite!


We can't end this blog without expressing our love for paper invitations! Traditional invitations make an amazing way to invite guests to your birthday party, and won't be forgotten about quickly (unlike a text!). 40th Party Invitations - Gold Sparkle Champagne - Pack of 10 Featured Product: 40th Party Invitations - Gold Sparkle Champagne Here are just a few of the many perks of ordering your invitations online:

It's special

Getting something through the post will always be something so exciting, especially an invitation! The excitement of receiving an invitation means that your party will be in the forefront of everyone's minds.

Lots of designs to choose from

If you have a specific design in mind, you can search thousands of birthday invitations online to find something that's perfect for you. Foil 18th Birthday Invitations - Sparkly Typography - Pack of 10 Featured Product: Foil 18th Birthday Invitations - Sparkly Typography Whether you're looking for foil birthday invitations for an 18th party, or tea party invitations for a 90th - you can find your ideal invites so easily with a quick search.

It's affordable!

Contrary to popular belief, sending beautiful personalised invitations doesn't have to be expensive. Zoom image Featured Product: Kids Birthday Invitations - Football Crazy Here at Dotty about Paper, our personalised invitations start from just 80p - amazing value for the quality. With free proof on all personalised products, free delivery on orders over £20, and free envelopes with all of our invitations, you can't go wrong! Whatever you choose to do, you're still sure to have an amazing birthday party. Comment below whether you're choosing paper invites or text invites - and why!