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Music Party Themes

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With so many genres out there, a music party can be anything you want it to be! Everyone loves music, so you can rely on a musical birthday party theme to please guests both young and old. Here are just a few of our favourite music themes, along with ideas to inspire your decorations and food.


Karaoke parties can easily be tweaked to fit your own style. Choose your favourite genre and theme the party around the tunes or the musical time period. Think 1950's America for rock and roll, space-age decor for electronic hits, or an all-80's retro theme. Also, make sure to find fun invitations to match! Music Party Themes - Karaoke Party Birthday Invitations Featured Design: "Birthday Invitations - Karaoke Party" Add fun microphone motifs to your food and drink to keep guests singing the night away. This fun recipe for microphone cake pops is sure to add a modern twist to your buffet table! Music Party Themes - Cake Pops by Scholastic Cake Pops: Scholastic Karaoke parties are a hit with kids and adults alike! If your child would love this theme for their next birthday, simply update the playlist with kids favourites. Then, give the children inflatable microphones and glowsticks to add bright and colourful vibes to the party. Music Party Themes - Fun Karaoke Party Birthday Invitations Featured Design: "Ready To Write Kids Birthday Invitations - Fun Karaoke Party"

Live Music

Any music lover will adore adding live music to their birthday party plans. So, take things to the next level and theme the whole party around the entertainment. Hire a band, or let your musically talented friends perform to make the day even more memorable. Base your day around the genre style. For example, an acoustic guitar performance would be perfect when paired with rustic country-style decorations. Music Party Themes - Acoustic Guitar Birthday Invitations Featured Design: "Birthday Invitations - Acoustic Guitar" Or you can simply add music note patterns to decor and food, using items like this unique rolling pin and some subtle sheet music bunting. Music Party Themes - Rolling Pin by AlgisCrafts Rolling Pin: AlgisCrafts If you want to add a spin on this theme for a children's birthday, why not have a musical party? Let the guests become the musicians with a selection of child-friendly instruments, like tambourines and xylophones. Base decorations and food around music notes and instruments. Music Party Themes - Instruments by Gear4Music Percussion Set: Gear4music


Another great music party idea for both children and adults is a disco night. This funky theme will soon have guests up and dancing. To start, get guests ready for the fun to come with eye-catching invitations. It's a good idea to remind everyone to bring their dancing shoes in your invitation wording! Music Party Themes - Disco Party Birthday Invitations Featured Design: "Kids Birthday Invitations - Disco Party" Then you can start planning your food and decor! Of course, glittering disco balls and colourful lights are a must. Music Party Themes - Lights by lights4fun Lights: lights4fun Pair up your impressive decorations with equally impressive food! Disco ball cupcakes, anyone? Music Party Themes - DISCO BALL CUPCAKES by A Beautiful Mess Cupcakes: A Beautiful Mess Whatever theme you choose for your music party, you're sure to have a firm favourite no matter who you invite! So, grab your microphone and dancing shoes, and start planning your musical celebration!