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Menu Suggestions for your Baby Celebrations

Menu Suggestions for your Baby Celebrations
Decided to tackle the catering for your baby celebrations yourself? It can often be very difficult to decide what food to serve, how much of it.. and most crucially how much you are going to be out of pocket! Having a Fork Buffet, unlike Canapes, allows you to include more cold meats, quiches and salads to your menus. For a winter treat why not add jacket potatoes cut in half.. or even pizza. Fork buffets also mean that you need to include cutlery for your guests. This can often be a pain regarding finding matching china and dreaded washing and clearing up. However, China crockery can be hired from catering equipment companies at reasonable rates, from around £1.50 for ten plates. Disposable plastic plates and forks are not really advised as many are not strong enough and may collapse when guests are trying to eat, especially hot food. Plastic plates are a good option as they can be picked up from party shop for a good price, or simply borrow plastic picnic wear from your friends and family. Don't be scared to be adventurous with your menu.. but remember to include little ones in your choices! Here are a few examples of possible foods for your baby celebrations.. Hand Carved Meat Platter Tomato & Vegetable Quiche Party Pizza Selection Mozzarella & Tomato Salad Pesto Pasta with Pine Nuts & Spinach Chocolate Gateau