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How Many Songs Do You Need for a Wedding Ceremony?

How Many Songs Do You Need for a Wedding Ceremony?

Here is a quick guide to the songs you'll need at your wedding ceremony.

Many people are told that you only need three songs - one for the bride to walk into, one to play during the signing of the register, and one for the couple to exit. However, there are a few more songs that we think you will need.

Pre-wedding Music

When guests arrive at your ceremony, it can be nice to have a few songs playing.

Of course this isn't necessary, however it can set the mood for a beautiful wedding!

Depending on how punctual the bride is planning to be, you will need between 10-30 minutes of music.

Entrance Music

Both the bride and bridal party will want entrance music.

For the bride's entrance music, you will want their favourite song. Choose a song that changes the atmosphere in the room to add drama to the bride's arrival!

Make sure to consider how long this lasts, as you may end up at the front of the room before the best part of the song has started!


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Religious weddings traditionally have hymns. You will want between two and three throughout your ceremony.

Similarly, some weddings have prayer readings which you may want music for - however this is not an essential.

Signing the register

This shouldn't take too long, but we recommend to have around three songs prepared just in case.

It may take longer than you think if you are having photographs taken, too.

Exit music

Exit music, also known as 'Recessionals', is essential for your ceremony.

Many couples opt for a more energetic, upbeat song for when they leave the ceremony. It's the perfect way to express their excitement for married life together.


Whilst the rest of your guests are leaving, you may want some light music playing to continue that romantic / energetic atmosphere throughout the wedding.

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