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Create Birthday Invitation on WhatsApp

Is It Okay to Send Birthday Invitations via Text?

Want to Create Birthday Invitation on WhatsApp? You may only think of WhatsApp as a basic chat tool, but you can do more on it than simply have conversations. Today, you can send broadcasts, track locations in real-time and even send money. One useful way to use the app is to send save the dates or even invitations to an event like a birthday. These kinds of things are one element of life where paper copies still reign supreme and proper, however dropping a message to ask people to save the date before you send out any formal invites can be fun! Then when you are ready to send out your invites and order some birthday stationery, we have plenty to choose from!

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Ok, first things first, lets get creative and send that birthday save the date on WhatsApp to invite your guests with style and ease.

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Formal cards are not a native feature of WhatsApp, but that doesn't mean you have to resort to sending boring texts to all your friends. You can create personalised save the date cards in a number of ways, which you can then send as images to everyone you want to invite.

Use your WhatsApp status

The status feature of WhatsApp is there for the creative user to harness for making e-invites. Simply open the status screen in the app and use all the tools available to design your own invitation. There are options for stickers, doodles and text, as well as background colours, to make an attractive image.

When you are finished, don't upload the invite to your status; simply take a screenshot, crop it and send it to your friends as an image.

Use invitation card maker apps

Modern smartphones can do all sorts of amazing things. The app stores on iOS and Android devices are full of feature-rich invitation card maker apps. They come with hundreds of templates where you can change the text and the pictures. Choose your own colour scheme and modify any other elements that appear. Once you have customised it, an invitation image will be generated and you can send it to all your WhatsApp friends.

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Enjoy yourself!

For those with their own software and skills, popular options include making an invitation card on design software or even filming invitation videos. So many types of media can be sent through WhatsApp that it really offers a huge range of options for you.

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So there it is, your guests know the future date for your party! Now why not make it formal and start a your wonderful party theme and atmosphere with a beautiful birthday invite! No matter the occasion we have an invite that will be perfect. Printed invites can also be a beautiful keepsake for those milestone birthday - something a text or digital message just can't be! Browse our collections and lets get the real party started!