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Made in Britain - celebrating our marque

Made in Britain - celebrating our marque
The Card Gallery is in the mood for celebrating this year, not only are we toasting our 10th birthday but we are also toasting that we are now officially members of ‘Made in Britain’ which we are extremely proud of … chink chink! Over the past few months we have been working very hard on gaining this important marque and now we have got it we are going to fly the flag and celebrate with a new look website ... so watch this space. Our new look will be in keeping with our existing design but will have a more modern feel with a new logo supporting our new ‘Made in Britain’ status. So what does all this mean? The ‘Made in Britain’ logo identifies products that have been made in Britain thus making it easier for the public to identify British products. The logo was created after Stoves launched a competition for students at British universities to design a logo that people could easily recognise following research saying that consumers were confused about the origin of the products they were buying. The winner was unveiled in July 2011 and companies making products in the UK were invited to apply to use the logo and by October 2012, 600 companied were using it. Are all of our products made in Britain? Unfortunately not all of our products are made in Britain but a very high percentage of them are. There are just a few guest books and photo albums currently in our range that we are working on phasing out and replacing with a British made alternative, please bear with us while we work on this. To read more about ‘Made in Britain’, click here.