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Ideas For Your Funeral Memorial Sign


A funeral memorial sign makes a beautiful display piece at any funeral. But how should it look?

There are so many touching ideas. Here are some of our favourite funeral memorial sign ideas, as well as some beautiful examples:

Choose a Design

If you're looking for something simple yet sweet, you can't go wrong with a gorgeous ready-made design. There are so many styles available, including designs to suit a wide range of tastes.

Funeral Memorial Sign - Elegant Frame

Opt for a design that matches the personality and style of your loved one who has passed away. We have so many designs available, from floral styles to golf and musical-themed designs.

All of our memorial signs are part of full matching collections, including funeral thank you cards. This makes it easy to have a funeral service that is complemented by your stationery.

Personalise with a Photo

If you want to personalise a design further then why not add a photo? So many of our funeral memorial signs come with a space to add your own picture. It's an easy way to personalise a piece.

Funeral Memorial Sign - Elegant Frame

Add a special picture of your loved one so that everyone remembers their lovely face.

Get Creative with a Poem

If you have a poem of particular importance, you could also add some lyrics to your memorial sign. It's a beautiful way to highlight particular lyrics that meant a lot to your loved one.

Funeral Memorial Sign - Grey Angel Wings

Likewise, you could include lyrics from a song, quotes from a book or a celebrity, or anything that you know your loved one would have appreciated.

Displaying your Funeral Memorial Sign

The way that you choose to display your memorial sign will also make a massive difference to how it looks.

All of our memorial signs come with a strut back, making them easy to stand up on a table or in amongst a display.

However, there are many other ways you may wish to display your sign.

An easel can make your memorial sign stand out even more. Surround with pretty flowers or leaves, for instance.

Depending on your venue, you may also be able to hang your sign on the wall. As our memorial signs are very lightweight, you could stick one on the wall with some double-sided tape - simple but so effective.

Whichever sign you choose, it's completely up to you. Pick something that you know your loved one would have really appreciated, and display however you like.


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