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SaveTheDateWhen you have taken months (or possibly even years) to plan and prepare for your wedding day, it is so important that you give all your special guests as much chance as possible to be there for your big day. One way of doing this is by sending out save the date cards. When you have been building up to that very special moment in your life for so long and with so much excitement, it can be all too easy to forget about sending out save the date cards. You might have got everything from the invites to the thank you cards, but in all the excitement may have left out that very first bit of wedding stationery - oops! If you are having to back-track, don't panic as our co-ordinating ranges mean that you can get all of your matching stationery at any time. We would always advise sending out save the date cards at least one year in advance of your wedding date, but better late than never we say!