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Contact your Long Losties!

Save the Date MagnetsMost people's lives are so hectic in these modern times that you can often completely lose touch with certain people - for instance old work colleagues that you spent every day of the week with for years, or school friends that you were once inseparable from. You get to certain points in your life when you get the opportunity to reconnect with these friends who have fallen by the wayside, and one of these times is when you are getting married. A wedding day is one of those very special days when all of the important people in your life come together to celebrate your big day with you. To make that first step in contacting your long lost friends (and family in some cases), you can send out your save the date cards and magnets to your intended wedding guests. Rather that calling them up out of the blue and springing your wedding upon them (and pressuring them into attending!), save the date cards and magnets will give them time to check their diaries and think about whether they can make your wedding or not. Don’t put off contacting your long losties - it might be a long shot with certain people (that backpacking girl you went travelling all over Australia with for a year and you only have her last known address in Borneo!) but the payoff is well worth it if they RSVP with a great big 'Yes please!'