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How to Have a Cocktail Party

How to Have a Cocktail Party
Cocktail parties are definitely getting more popular! It's a wonderful party that you can mix up to suit you. So whether you're looking for a chilled night with your closest friends, or an opportunity to meet some new people and get a bit wild, a cocktail party is ideal! Here's our guide to having a sweet cocktail party:

Cocktail Party Invitations

An invitation is a perfect way to set the tone for your cocktail party. Show off whether this is a casual get together or a black tie affair with your invites! Look online to find your perfect invitations and personalise with wording of your choice. How to Have a Cocktail Party - Cocktail Party Invitation Featured Product: Cocktail Party Invitation Here at Dotty about Paper, we have some beautiful invitations for cocktail parties - including the perfect invites for summer drinks or sophisticated events. Don't forget to mention on your invitations what the dress code is. You don't want people to come under-dressed to the occasion!


On your invitations, you should also specify what food you will be serving at your cocktail party - a sit-down meal or nibbles. Guests will probably assume that you won't be serving a meal at your party, as cocktail parties are generally fairly early on in the evening at around 6-8pm. Plenty of time for a meal afterwards! How to Have a Cocktail Party - Best Recipes Featured Image: Best Recipes Make sure your guests don't go hungry by putting out a wide selection of snacks. If you're feeling fancy, a selection of seafood is sure to go down a treat. There are also so many tasty canapes that can be made, including stuffed mushrooms, cranberry brie bites, and loaded baked potato skins. Be sure to serve your items on little cocktail sticks to help guests eat them easily! You can assume that guests will eat around 5 canapes each, so plan accordingly. Other simple snacks to serve include crackers and cheese board, bread sticks and dips, olives, and nuts. Be sure to consider your friends' dietary requirements, too - many people are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free these days.


Now we get to the fun part - the drinks! For a cocktail party, there are a range of different options you can go for. Either make the drinks with the guests as a fun activity, give your guests a drinks menu so they can choose something for themselves, or create your own signature drink and serve this throughout the night. How to Have a Cocktail Party - Miss Allie's Kitchen Featured Image: Miss Allie's Kitchen Be sure to have some other drink options available too, some guests will probably only want to drink beers! Wine, cider, and beer are sure to go down well. If guests are driving, they may also want to drink coffee, so make sure you have this available for them, too.

Top Tips

You're nearly ready to host your cocktail party, but there are still some quick things to consider! Ice You will need lots of ice for your cocktails! Be sure to stock up on ice cubes before the day. Don't forget to serve water at your party, too - we all have a friend who takes drinking too far! Glasses Consider what glasses you will be serving your drinks in, as different drinks need different glasses. Wine glasses are very different to champagne flutes! Mixers Many of your cocktails will need mixers, and not just coke and lemonade! Here are some popular cocktail mixers that you may need: Fruit Juices - pineapple, orange, apple, cranberry, lime, grapefruit, and more! Coconut Milk Tonic Water How to Have a Cocktail Party - Delish Featured Image: Delish Be sure to also check the recipes for your favourite cocktails to ensure you have everything you need. You may also need decorations to garnish your drinks, such as mint leaves, orange peel, and cherries. Babysitters This is an adults-only occasion, so make sure you tell your friends that children aren't invited, to give them plenty of time to book a babysitter. Music Have you considered what music you are going to play? Music is a great way to create an atmosphere, and reduces any awkward silences, too! Take a look online to find your perfect cocktail party playlist, or get creative and make your own. We hope you have enjoyed this blog! For more cocktail party inspiration, also head over to our cocktail party Pinterest board.