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Introducing Our Brand New Beach Wedding Collection

Dotty about Paper - Beach Wedding Stationery - Thumbnail
Everyone loves the beach, so it's no surprise that many couples are choosing seaside settings for their special day. Beach weddings also allow couples to get creative. From a nautical day by the coast to a destination wedding abroad, there's no shortage of oceanic options. That's why Dotty about Paper has created a brand new collection of beach wedding stationery to suit every taste!

Tropical Beach Wedding

Planning an escape to an exotic island? Get guests ready for fun in the sun with an idyllic beach scene. Dotty about Paper - Beach Wedding Stationery - Tropical Beach Scene Featured Design: 'Tropical Beach Scene - Save the Date Card' You can introduce your destination wedding theme subtly with a design featuring tropical floral patterns. Dotty about Paper - Beach Wedding Stationery - Tropical Floral Palm Featured Design: 'Tropical Floral Palm - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP' We also created Elegant Gold Palm Leaves for couples who want something sophisticated and refined. Featured Design: 'Elegant Gold Palm Leaves - Evening Invitation and Envelope Seal'

Nautical Beach Wedding

Nautical themes use classic ship motifs, like anchors and helms, to set a seaside tone. Navy blue colours are a popular choice for nautical weddings, so we recommend our vintage Nautical Heart & Anchor stationery. If blue doesn't do it for you, choose an alternative colour for this design from our palette. Dotty about Paper - Beach Wedding Stationery - Nautical Heart & Anchor Featured Design: 'Nautical Heart & Anchor - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP' Perhaps you want something a little bit quirky to match your unique beach venue choice? Mix in some unusual colours and crazy coral to add your own twist to the nautical theme! Dotty about Paper - Beach Wedding Stationery - Blue and Coral Nautical Pattern Featured Design: 'Blue & Coral Nautical Pattern - Boutique Wedding Invitation & RSVP'

Coastal Beach Wedding

While it is a lovely setting, tropical sands abroad aren't the only option for your beach wedding. So, try something closer to home and have a Great British seaside theme? The iconic beach hut is a popular choice, as guests will instantly know what kind of venue to expect. Dotty about Paper - Beach Wedding Stationery - Seaside Beach Huts Featured Design: 'Seaside Beach Huts - Day Invitation and RSVP' Do you love the sound of waves crashing against cliffs? Coastal Lighthouse is perfect for a dramatic clifftop lighthouse wedding... Or perhaps just a cosy seaside resort with nautical details! Dotty about Paper - Beach Wedding Stationery - Coastal Lighthouse Featured Design: 'Coastal Lighthouse - Day Invitation and Guest Information Card'