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Writing a Naming Ceremony Speech

Writing a Naming Ceremony Speech

A Naming Ceremony is a really important moment in your child's life – and an important memory for the family as a whole. It is the moment that you officially welcome a new person into the family in front of everyone you love, and a lot of people choose to give speeches at a Naming Ceremony. If this is something that you plan on doing, here's our guide to writing a Naming Ceremony speech for you little one's special day.

First off (and just like a wedding!) you should thank everyone for coming to the event. Give special thanks to anyone who has had to come a long way to be with you. It is also a good idea to thank the priest or celebrant for the ceremony that he/she has delivered.

Next up, say a little something about how important it was for you to have a naming ceremony for your child, and also how special it was that your child is now a part of your life. Don't forget any existing children that you may have - it's very easy to get jealous when a whole day is being dedicated to their new sibling! Give them a special mention and tell them how well they are doing at being a new big brother/sister.

Once everyone has been mentioned in some way, you should then mention about your hopes for your child's future, and wishing or praying over them for happiness and health. Make reference to how everyone there with you can help this new little person to grow and thrive in your family.

Lastly, ask everyone to raise their glasses and toast to the child’s future health and happiness.