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Happy Birthday Reg!


Britain's oldest man has celebrated his 100th birthday, and has put his longevity down to a combination of idleness and drinking a mysterious potion as a young boy!

The former church minister from Derbyshire has revealed the secret of his long life was being lazy. Reg added that his life span may also be due to a brown potion that a doctor in Bombay gave him just before the first world war. Reg said: "He said 'if you drink this you will live for ever' – and this is the result." Reg took over the title of Britain's oldest man after Stanley Lucas, from Cornwall, died in June 2010, aged 110. The world's oldest living man is Jiroemon Kimura from Japan, aged 115. Reg has been married three times, and has lived through two world wars and a whopping twenty-four prime ministers. He worked as a minister until his retirement at the grand old age of eighty. A public concert was held last Saturday to celebrate his momentous birthday. When asked how he felt, he told the BBC: "A year older than when I was 109!" Good old Reg! For all your birthday celebrations, we have a range of stationery just for you: Birthday Party Invitations Birthday Thank You Cards Birthday Guest Books Birthday Photo Albums Birthday Envelope Seals