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What Do You Write on a 50th Birthday Invitation?

What Do You Write on a 50th Birthday Invitation?

A 50th birthday is one of the biggest age milestones we pass in our lifetimes, and as such, it should be celebrated in style. When writing out invitations for a 50th birthday party, follow these dos and don'ts to ensure your birthday party invites cover everything you need them to.

Do be sensitive

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While some of us greet the big 50 with gusto, others feel a little nervous about hitting this milestone. If the party invites aren't for yourself, think carefully about whether the guest of honour will appreciate cracks about their age. If they'll see the funny side of them, then feel free to include an 'over the hill' or 'vintage wine' joke, but if not, they're best avoided. Guests who might be more sensitive about turning 50 may prefer wording more along the lines of 'Fabulous at 50' or simply 'Beth is turning 50'.

Do remember to keep it hush-hush

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50th birthday parties are often surprise parties - which means the birthday boy or girl isn't to know about the party. If you're filling out invites for a surprise 50th birthday party, be very clear on the invitations that it's a secret. If you're not clear, your guests are likely to mention the party to the guest of honour and ruin the surprise.

Don't forget the details

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Remember that as well as your 'old fart' jokes, you'll need to remember to include all the information your guests need for the party. As well as the usuals: the name of the special guest, the date, time and location of the party, and a number or email address to RSVP to, you might want to include extra information about dress code, if there is one, whether children are welcome at the party, and whether or not to bring a gift. Writing a 50th birthday invitation is much like writing other party invitations, with a few extra considerations. Remember that the tone of your invites will set the tone of the party to come, so get your party off to a good start with a set of great invitations.