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How Do You Say Thank You for a Birthday Invitation?

How Do You Say Thank You for a Birthday Invitation?

Receiving a birthday invitation is a compliment, without a doubt - somebody wants you at their party. Whether you decide to attend or not, it's always polite to express thanks for your invitation and make sure the host knows you appreciate being thought of. Here's how to best say 'thank you' for a birthday invitation.

Include thanks with your RSVP

Whether you attend the party or not, the easiest way to thank the host of the party for inviting you is by including a small note of gratitude in your RSVP - whether this is by text or email. If you speak on the phone, be sure to convey your appreciation for the invitation during the call. If you can't attend, be apologetic and express your regrets. There really is no better way to say 'thank you' than to simply say it.

Return the favour

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If you've got a birthday coming up, perhaps think of those people who have invited you to their birthdays, too. It's by no means a requirement, particularly if you're having a smaller bash or you just don't feel you know that person very well, but nothing will say 'thank you for inviting me' quite like inviting them to yours later in the year. Who knows, it may even be the start of a new friendship. Of course, if the friend you want to thank is one of your best friends, it's probably a given that you're already inviting them - if you don't, it could be taken as a snub.

Bring a gift

If you are able to attend the party, be sure to bring a gift. Birthday gifts are not just to say 'happy birthday' to the recipient, but they're also a way that party attendees can compensate the hosts a little for the financial outlay of hosting a big party. That said, a small, inexpensive but thoughtful gift can be just as meaningful as something more costly. It really is the thought that counts.

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Hopefully, your friends and family know you're happy that they invited you to their birthday party. If you want to make sure they know it, you could always utilise birthday thank you cards - traditionally sent out by hosts to thank guests for attending a party - to write a quick note of thanks after the party's over.