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When to send your Save the Date Cards

Wedding-11-Festive-Green-Butterfly-Save-the-Date-Personalised-600When you first set to plan your wedding, you probably imagined that by finding a cake maker, booking a venue, choosing your photographer, and finding the dress, you had got all the essential bits sorted. But you've probably realised by now that there's so much else to be done that's just as important. In short, a bride's work is never done! Deciding on when to send out your save the date cards is one of these big decisions that you didn't even realised needed to be made! When to send your save the date cards out is always a matter of opinion but we go by the rule: the sooner the better. They are the pre-cursor to sending out your wedding invites and are often the first indication that your guests will have of when the big day will be happening. If you have guests who are travelling in from abroad - or your guests will need to fly out to your beach wedding - then the more notice, the better. Your save the date cards will give your loved ones the chance to make plans around your wedding day and ensure that they will there to celebrate your wedding with you. They will also have the chance to check out the location well in advance and look at accommodation and travel options if necessary. Childcare might also be a factor if you are not inviting children to your wedding. Because of all these factors, we advise that you send your save the date cards out at least a year in advance. If you want to send something a bit more memorable, why not consider sending a save the date magnet instead which your guests can keep on their fridge as a reminder of the approaching date!