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Complete Your Wedding Prints

Wedding Printing As anyone who has ever been involved in a wedding knows, there are a million and one things to sort out. The problem is that each one of these issues often requires time and effort in itself and when you add up all of these hoops you have to jump through, things can become incredibly stressful. Fortunately, at The Card Gallery we have created a seamless and simple user interface that can allow you create your entire selection of wedding invitation cards in one go. Not only this, but we also offer printing for your wedding order of service, table plans and much more. Getting all of the printing to come together in a consistent theme is easy since many of our designs use recognisable wedding conventions with just enough variation in each element to remain distinctive. Table Planning The wedding table plans are especially important when it comes to balancing design and information. Fortunately, we are experienced enough to get this balance spot on. The Gold Rings table plan is a great example of this, blending the rings into the background while keeping the names of all involved clear and easy to view. It will only take guests a matter of seconds to work out where they are sitting. We can also offer this in sizes varying from A3 to A1, both mounted and unmounted. If you have a particularly large wedding party then simply select the number from the drop down menu. Our design can accommodate more than 20 tables, giving you plenty of scope. Other design options include the plan style and the shape of the tables. Choosing the font can also make for a more decorative or informative display, although for something like this it is often best to choose something easily legible from a distance. Named Places Table names lead on from the table planning and you may have carefully considered the seating arrangements. Some parties give named seats as a general guideline, although others deliberately intersperse members from either party to promote conversation between the families. How much you want to spend on the table names is up to you, but as ever, our designs are consistent and you will be able to find the previous themes you have chosen. Each table will be given a number and the prints will be easy to see allowing people to quickly work out where they are sitting, if there is any confusion. The table name itself could be a memento for someone who wants an extra item to remember the occasion by. Order Of Proceedings Perhaps the most important document you print will be the order of service. We offer both concertina and cards that can allow you to detail the day’s proceedings, so nobody is confused about where they are supposed to be. The larger ones can also include thank-yous to all involved as well as being a meaningful keepsake for each participant in the day’s events. These are available for £2 and 80p for the concertina and card respectively.