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When its time to send out your Wedding Thank You Magnets

When its time to send out your Wedding Thank You Magnets
The build-up to your wedding day was all about the planning. You spent months or even years organising your wedding day and everything that went into it. But now the day is over, and you will have lots of memories, photographs, and of course the generous wedding gifts from your loved ones. Now that your wedding day is over, you may want to thank your guests for their attendance as well as for the wedding presents that they gave you. Wedding thank you magnets are a must for any newlywed couple as they will really show your appreciation for your guests’ efforts in coming to your wedding and for their thoughful gift. Sending out your wedding thank you magnets is a task which must be approached with plenty of thought and organisation. You should be practised at this, having organised an entire wedding! You should send wedding thank you magnets to anyone who has spared their time, talent or kindness to make your wedding day special. You should start to send the magnets out as soon as possible so you don’t get a backlog as more gifts arrive. Keep a track of who you have sent a card to so that you don’t miss anyone out, or send someone two magnets by accident!