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Disposable Wedding Cameras from The Card Gallery

Disposable Wedding Cameras from The Card Gallery
Here at The Card Gallery, we have a range of disposable wedding cameras for your wedding day. Disposable wedding cameras are a really lovely addition to your wedding tables on your special day. They give your loved ones the opportunity to take lots of candid snaps - and capture the wedding from all angles all evening long. We have seen so many informal wedding snaps capturing pruceless moments that the bride and groom would never have got to see if it weren't for the cameras they left on the tables for friends and family to use. We would recommend a couple of disposable wedding cameras for each table of up to guests, and all of our cameras are single use, complete with flash and table card. They can take 27 photos per camera - which is more that enough to record the goings-on 'behind the scenes'! If you do choose this option for your wedding, make sure you send us a copy of any funny snaps you end up developing after your wedding, as we'd love to feature them on our 'Candid' page on Facebook!