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The Best way to Give your Guests Plenty of Advanced Warning about your Overseas Wedding

Like many other betrothed couples these days, you may well be keen to have your wedding abroad rather than in the UK. There are a great many benefits in doing this; however arguably the most pressing reason for choosing to get wed overseas is that you can be pretty sure the weather will be a lot more reliable! Of course, having a wedding overseas brings with it a number of logistical problems i.e. transport and accommodation for your guests. Unlike a wedding in the UK, your guests won’t be able to drive to and from the venue in the same day – they’ll have to fly to your chosen destination before the ceremony, pre-book a hotel for a at least a few days and then fly back again once the celebrations are over. Naturally, this will need to be sorted out as far in advance as possible, otherwise your guests may well find it difficult to find flights and accommodation within their price range. Unsurprisingly, sending your guests a wedding invitation four to six weeks before the date of the big day will not be overly helpful as it will not give them the time they need to sort everything out. Indeed, it may even transpire that your chosen guests will not be able to make it at all if you give them such little notice. No, if you’re going to invite people to share your matrimonials abroad, you need to give them plenty of notice in advance – and the best way to do that is to send out save-the-date cards. These simple measures (available in printed notice, postcard and fridge magnet form) are ideal for this purpose as they are able to provide your nearest and dearest with a very effective ‘heads-up’ about where your wedding will be and when they are invited to join you. These wonderful cards require no response from your recipients nor do they ‘lock’ your guests into any kind of commitment to attend - they simply act as a friendly alert to your far off special day and highlight your enthusiasm for those invited to join you. Like any other form of wedding stationary, these cards can be as simple or elaborate as your taste (or budget) dictates. For example, a save-the-date fridge magnet can feature a very simple message and include an image which is in keeping with the theme of the day. Similarly, a save-the-date postcard could include something like a calendar of the wedding month (with the date circled by a heart) on one side of the card, with all of the particulars printed on the other side. Without doubt, asking your friends and family members to ‘save the date’ in this way will be thoughtful, helpful, and much appreciated. To find out more about save-the-date stationary and view our exemplary range of cards and magnets in greater detail, simply take a few moments to explore our pages further.