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How to Use Your Desk Planner

How to Use Your Desk Planner
Looking to get more organised? The idea of purchasing a pretty desk planner can be very appealing, but it's essential that you use it properly and avoid letting it sit under your laptop. We've compiled our top 5 tips on how to use a desk planner effectively, so you can avoid ever missing an important appointment again!

1. Plan the week ahead

This may seem obvious, but it's a good idea to sit down at the start of the week and plan your general tasks. Include things such as any appointments you may have, or any small jobs you need to carry out but which could be forgotten easily. That way you can estimate the busyness of each day and be prepared should anything else crop up into the schedule.

2. Use the daily planner

This is where you can add detail! Once you have planned for the week, you can include all your more minor and specific goals using each day on your desk planner. How to Use Your Desk Planner - Sweet Sherbet Dreams - Desk Planner Featured Product: Sweet Sherbet Dreams - Desk Planner The biggest highlight of the daily section is how large the writing space is. If you love to plan ahead, then our desk planners offer plenty of room for you to include everything you may want to achieve that day. From writing down what outfit you want to wear to planning your workouts and meal options, it can mean that you really are prepared for the day ahead.

3. Be specific

When planning your day on the daily pages, it is important to include specific details. Instead of simply writing 'send emails,' you should write the details, such as 'send email to Jess to RSVP to her birthday party.' You'll not only be more likely to complete the task, but you'll also be able to predict how much time you will require to complete the task.

4. Only use one planner

Desk planners are great because they are so large, meaning there's space to keep track of all your tasks. Using more than one planner will confuse your schedule, and you're more likely to miss an appointment or not get a task done. How to Use Your Desk Planner - Pinking Out Loud - Desk PlannerFeatured Product: Pinking Out Loud - Desk Planner Instead, optimise your desk planner by colour-coding for better separation, such as highlighting work tasks in pink and personal tasks in blue.

5. Have a regular planning session

It's very easy to have one very efficient day of planning, and then missing it for a couple of days. You should set a time each day to sit down at your desk planner to check and note down any additional tasks. This may be better to do at the start of the day so you can plan your time wisely. How to Use Your Desk Planner - Be-Leaf In Yourself - Desk Planner Featured Product: Be-Leaf In Yourself - Desk Planner So there you have it! Our top 5 tips to help you use your desk planner effectively. All that's left to do now is purchase your perfect one. Take a look at our colourful range.