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How to Personalise Notecards

How to Personalise Notecards
Receiving a personalised card is always appreciated, whether the correspondence is directed to business associates, customers, or friends and family. Personalised notecards make a great addition to your stationery set, and you’ll never need another shop-bought card once you’ve designed and customised your own.
Most online stationery companies enable you to make personalised notecards that can include photos, company logos, and much more. You can upload your own artwork or choose something suitable from a selection of professionally designed templates that are provided for you on the site.
Here’s how to make a personalised notecard.

Choose a size

First of all, decide what size you want your notecards to be. The most popular choices are square, portrait, or poster layout.

Choose a theme

How to Personalise Notecards - Globe - Personalised A6 Note Card Featured Product: Globe - Personalised A6 Note Card Next, decide on the theme that you want for your design. Most online stationery providers offer a wide range of different themes, so you can be sure of finding something to suit your vision. For example, if you’re designing birthday invitations, you might want to feature images of balloons, candles on a cake, or a photo of the birthday boy or girl when they were much younger.
If the card isn’t perfect to start with, don’t worry; you can make changes to the design later in the process.

Choose an image

Now, decide on the image you wan to have on your notecard. If the cards are for your business, you might want to feature a photograph of your product or your company logo. Alternatively, if the notecards are for family and friends, you may choose a snap of yourself, a pet, or a relative.

Compose a message with customised text

How to Personalise Notecards - Fun Kraft Paper Flowers - Personalised A6 Note Card Featured Product: Fun Kraft Paper Flowers - Personalised A6 Note Card
Finally, compose a message for your card. Once you’ve decided on what you want to say, experiment with different text formats, colours, sizes, spacing, opacity, and alignment.
For business cards, use a formal font that’s easy to read. If the cards are for family and friends, you could go more off-piste and try using fancy fonts and bright colours.

Download the card for instant sharing

Once you're happy with your card, you can download it for printing. Alternatively, you may prefer to share the card via email, Twitter, Facebook, or another platform.

Final thoughts

Creating personalised notecards online is quick, easy, and extremely cost-effective. Choose your preferred card size, select a theme, pick an image, compose a greeting, and you’re good to go!