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What Size Should a Wedding Menu Be?

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When you think about wedding stationery, you’ll often imagine the invitations, save the dates and the orders of service. However, another essential item during the wedding planning process is the wedding menu. After selecting your options for appetisers, main courses and puddings, the next step is to choose your wedding menu stationery. Just as with all the other aspects of organising your nuptials, there are endless options to suit your theme and taste. One of the first elements to consider is the size of your wedding menu, which can change depending on your food choices, table layout and overall vision.

Consider how many menu options you will have

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when selecting your menu size is how extensive your menu offerings will be on the day. If you're providing a variety of different options for each course, for example, then you might want to opt for a longer rectangular design that can comfortably accommodate all of your selections. You don't want the font to be too small and difficult for guests to read, so it's essential that you select a menu size that can list all of your options in a comfortable and legible way.

Your choice of shape will affect the size

One of the factors that can alter the size of your wedding menu is the shape of the card that it is printed on.

Delicate Inkwash Iridescent Wedding Menu

Featured product: Delicate Inkwash Iridescent Wedding Menu

If you opt for a square design, more text can fit across the width of the page and therefore there will be less need for additional length like with a rectangular menu card. Square menus tend to have a bifold design that uses two sides of the card, such as our vintage style Je t'aime Wedding Menu. If you want to see the full wedding name and list of courses on the same side, however, then you can opt for one of our many singular rectangular postcards, including the Je t'aime Foil Wedding Menu version.

Your chosen image and design will influence the size

When you're planning your wedding, you'll want to incorporate stylistic or thematic elements into your wedding menus. If you're going for a floral and rustic wedding, for instance, you might be drawn to the Boho Burgundy Flowers Wedding Menu. This playful, classic design has a set image that dictates the size of the card. However, there's no need to compromise on your style due to size constraints because of the wide range of options available.

Pink & White Country Bouquet Wedding Menu

Featured product: Pink & White Country Bouquet Wedding Menu

You can opt for a similar version with our rectangular long Pink & White Country Bouquet Wedding Menu, which also perfectly captures the rustic spirit.

For more information about wedding menu options and sizes, please contact us today to speak to one of our team or browse our website.