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How Do You Package Birthday Invitations?

How Do You Package Birthday Invitations?
So you've picked the perfect birthday invitation, and chosen all of your text; fantastic! However, there are still some additional things to think about when it comes to packaging and sending your invitations out. You’ll want to make sure everything goes as planned, and that’s why we’ve put this easy guide together! To help you perfectly package your invites and to make sure you don’t miss out on those little details.

Picking the perfect envelope

First of all, we recommend thinking about what kind of envelope you are going to need. Do you want to pick a design that matches, or mirrors the designs on your invitations? If you don't necessarily want an exact match, are you going to pick a particular element of the invitation to reflect on the envelope, like a gorgeous splash of colour? Depending on the technique you chose, you may just want to pick an envelope that matches your overall theme - such as a heavy brown envelope to match a rustic design, a clean, square, white envelope to pair with a geometric themed invitation or a fun brightly coloured envelope for a kids birthday invitation.

Size matters!

Whilst picking your envelope, it's also important to consider whether you will be including an RSVP card. If you are including one, have you considered whether you will also add a small envelope to the RSVP? How Do You Package Birthday Invitations? - Kids Birthday Invitations - Unicorn Cake Featured Product: Kids Birthday Invitations - Unicorn Cake Another route you might want to take is to include an email address on your invitation and to encourage guests to reply through this channel instead. Compared to a traditional RSVP, an email can be a handy way to keep every response in one place. However, it may be helpful to know that response rates are almost always better when a traditional RSVP card is included - so this is definitely something to consider. When sending out your invites it is always a good idea to think about whether you need to include a further guest information card, to make sure all the pertinent details are together in one easy place.

Sealed with a loving kiss

Once you've picked your envelope, and made sure that all of the elements of your invitation can fit in, it's time to put on the finishing touches! Whether you hand-write the addresses or choose to print labels, don't forget to finish it off with an extra special envelope seal. This is the perfect way to add a delightful splash of colour to a plain envelope and make it truly eye-catching. How Do You Package Birthday Invitations? - Heart Pattern - Envelope Seals Featured Product: Heart Pattern - Envelope Seals Our self-adhesive seals are all easy to use, with no mess, no fuss, and travel well in the post. Even better, there is a huge range of seals available, so you are sure to find something to match the theme of your birthday celebrations, whether it's tropical, floral or rustic.