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How Much Money Should You Give as a Wedding Gift?

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After you have received a beautiful wedding invitation, many people start to think about gifts. Nowadays, many people are choosing to give money as a wedding gift, it's a great way to ensure that the newlyweds get something they really want, whether that's a fancy honeymoon or just new kitchen appliances.

But how much money should you give, and what do people actually expect?

Here is our opinion!

Close Friends and Relatives

If someone is a close friend or relative of yours, you may be looking at a cash gift of around £50-£100. This is a great amount to give as it is enough to really help a couple out, but still affordable for most people.

If you're going with your partner or bringing a plus one, you may want to double this, but don't feel you need to.

However, if this is out of your budget, don't feel obliged to gift this much. A good friend will understand if you can't afford the extra amount.


For people you don't know as well, we think that around £30-£50 is a good amount to spend. After all, they have provided food, drinks, and stationery for you, and it's nice to show them that you are grateful.

Some people believe that as a guest you should cover the cost of the wedding meal that they have provided. However, we think this view is a little outdated. After all, it was their choice to invite you, and they shouldn't be expecting guests to cover those costs, especially if it was a more expensive wedding.

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Evening Reception

If you received an evening invitation, a cash gift of between £20-£30 should suffice. It makes a nice gesture, without being too much.

At the end of the day, it is still completely up to you. Gift the amount of money that you feel comfortable with - whether that's £10 or £500! The newlyweds are sure to appreciate the gesture, and the most important thing to them is that you were there.

How to gift?

Put a cash gift inside a beautiful card, and give it to the couple on the day. We recommend to gift your cash via cheque, to ensure it stays safe. Cards give the personal touch, with your own unique wording.

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We hope you have found this blog useful, and it will help you out in future. Check out our other blogs for more advice.