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Keeping Everyone Happy (well, trying to anyway!)

Wedding-F-Sunflower-Save-the-Date-Personalised-Open-Out-LargeInviting your loved ones to your wedding should be an enjoyable task. The excitement of announcing your wedding, the thought of having your favourite people all together - even the gifts you hope to receive! However, it can easily become a little stressful, particularly where family politics are involved. Ultimately, the decision on who should be at your wedding lies with the bride and groom...but sometimes, other family members can become involved and give you their thoughts on your invite list too. There may be a distant cousin who you have only met once and you don't feel comfortable inviting them to your intimate ceremony. But you need to balance this against upsetting anyone else who might expect them to be's a fine line that you will need to learn to navigate. Once you have decided on the guest list, it's always a good idea to send out save the date cards in advance of sending out your actual wedding invites. When you send out save the date cards, you are giving people advance warning of your impending wedding day - and politely asking them to not book a holiday at the same time! Save the date cards are one of the very first things you will do in planning your wedding day and will allow you a little 'breather' from people continually asking when the date will be (they start asking as soon as that diamond is on your finger, by the way!) Once your save the date cards have been sent, you can get on with planning the other exciting bits of your wedding such as choosing your bridesmaids, picking your dress and sampling wedding's a hard job, but someones got to do it!