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Wedding Guest Books for your Special Memories

GB120 closeup-500 When you are caught up in wedding arrangements, there is so much to think about. From the table settings and seating plans to the favours and seems like you're never going to remember it all! Luckily there are a number of wedding checklists available online to help you out, but one items which often gets missed off these lists are the wedding guest books for your special memories. A wedding guest book is a great memento to have our your wedding day - full of special messages from your loved ones wishing you well and telling you what your wedding means to them. It also provides a great focal point in a reception where guests can gather to write their messages and perhaps be introduced to each other for the first time. It's great fun finding out where people know the bride and groom from and how people are connected in the most unusual of ways! You often find out that the groom worked somewhere you never even knew about, or they attended a school in your local village, or even the different versions of how they met (nobody ever has the same story!) When it comes to choosing your wedding guest books, you can opt for a personalised version which makes it extra special as you can personalise it with your names or wedding date. And while you're ordering your guest book, don't forget to order your guest book pens too - there's nothing worse than digging out a half-chewed biro to accompany your gorgeous guest book!