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How to Give your Wedding Invitations a Truly Personal Touch

Invitations are, of course, a vital part of any wedding. Indeed, wedding invites don’t just tell your guests where and when you are getting married; they also give them a ‘taster’ of what to expect. Personalised wedding invitations have become increasingly popular in recent years as they enable betrothed couples to give their guests a taster which is completely and utterly unique. For sure, personalised invites allow you to put a lot more of your own character and personal taste into them than generic wedding invitation cards. If this sounds like something you would like to do then you may well find the following tips to be very helpful indeed! Consider your Colours Colour is of course the most immediate aspect of any wedding invitation. Obviously, weddings are meant to be happy and optimistic occasions so choosing bright and light colours is often a better choice than opting for dull, listless shades. Neutral colours are often a popular choice as they can be highlighted with tones of gold or silver to create a very elegant, classic look. If you would like your invitation to reflect the colour scheme of the wedding itself then you can always adorn your invites with coloured ribbon or fabric. Moreover, you could choose colours which are of some significance to you and your partner. For example, you might like to include the colours of your favourite team if you’re both mad supporters of the same club. How about Photographs? Including a photograph is a great way to personalise a wedding invite. You can choose an attractive photograph taken of you both on a romantic holiday, a treasured picture of when you first met, or even get a new photo taken by a professional just for the invite. The latter is arguably the best option as it will enable you to capture a truly beautiful and romantic picture. If you like the idea of having an image in your invites but aren’t so keen on a photo then you could always consider using your silhouettes instead. Think about the Font Being creative with your choice of font will enable you create a very particular type of ‘feel’. For example, sweeping italic fonts will give your invites a romantic, traditional feel, while a quirky, more modern font will give them a contemporary edge. If you want to be really personal then why not handwrite your invites with a calligraphy pen? They might not look as picture perfect as printed invites bit they will definitely have the personal touch. Maybe a Poem? Whilst some people may baulk at the sight of a romantic poem, others (rightfully) regard weddings as being perfect occasions for a little bit of poetry. There are few more romantic ways to express yourself than through a poem, so having one inside your invites will leave your guests in no doubt as to how significant your big day really is to the two of you.