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How to Organise Your Dream Wedding

How to Organise Your Dream Wedding

Everybody has their own individual ideas about what constitutes their dream wedding. First of all, if you are the bride or groom it is important to talk to your future spouse about the type of wedding that they want to have. There has to be some sort of shared agreement about the type of wedding between the couple, otherwise things may get off to a very bad start! From venues to seating plans, and wedding invitations to catering options, dream weddings can involve an awful lot of organisation and forward planning.

There are a number of different things to consider when planning a wedding. The first major decision involves the date. If you don’t know when you are getting married you cannot start booking other related wedding services, so it is important to decide on a date as soon as possible. Some couples like to get married quickly, whereas others set a date which is a couple of years away in order to give themselves time to save up for their dream event. No matter what choice you make, once a date has been set it is a good idea to send out save the date cards as soon as possible to give guests a lot of advanced notice to organise their diaries.

Once a date has been set, you need to choose where you want to get married. Do you want to go for a traditional white wedding in a church, or would you prefer a lower key do at the civil registrations office? Another issue to consider regards the area in which you want to get married. Many brides prefer to get married in their home town near the place where they grew up. However, if a couple are from opposite ends of the country, it may be easier to find a venue which is located halfway in-between so that both sets of friends and family have shorter distances to travel.

Another option to consider is the possibility of getting married abroad. This is an increasingly popular option for many couples as it can save worrying about issues of family tension. Getting married abroad means that you may not have as many guests as you would back home, but this is not necessarily a bad thing when you only want to invite extremely close friends and family. Remember that there is also always the option of holding a massive party for friends who couldn’t make the wedding once you get back home.

Choosing the right type of wedding stationery can really set the tone of a wedding from the word go. Couples often like to choose cards which reflect their own personalities. Draw up a list of guests and always keep an eye on the wedding budget. It is no fun to start your married life in debt. Catering is always important at a wedding. Some people like to go for full course sit down meals whereas others prefer a more relaxed buffet vibe – do what suits you best.