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How Much Confetti Do I Need for 100 Guests?

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Throwing confetti over newlyweds is a tradition that goes back centuries. Throwing confetti traditionally marks the start of celebrations for the newly married couple and gets the party underway in style.

Here’s our guide to organising the perfect confetti moment that every bride and groom dreams of!

How much confetti do you need?

Of course, to be sure of the perfect confetti shower, you’ll need to have plenty of confetti to go around.

As a general rule of thumb, typically around half the guests will choose to throw confetti. So, one litre of confetti should provide around ten handfuls. Therefore, if you have 100 wedding guests, assuming that 50 will want to throw confetti, you should buy at least ten litres of petals.

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Brief your photographer

Before the big day, decide what you want from your confetti moment, and discuss that with the photographer. Ask to see confetti photos from previous weddings so that you can see the photographer’s style. If you have example pictures from magazines that illustrate just what you want, show those to your photographer too.

Also, the photographer will probably want to discuss lighting, locations, and other aspects of the perfect confetti moment photo with you.

Decide where you want your confetti moment to be

The chosen location of your confetti moment pictures will determine what colour confetti you choose. Try to pick colours that will stand out against the background. For example, if you are standing against a dark wall, choose bright, pale colours.

Teach your guests how to throw!

Although it sounds odd, not everyone knows how to throw confetti! Bearing in mind that you only ever get one confetti moment, it’s vital that your guests get it right.

It’s a good idea to create a sign, asking your guests to stand close together and throw their confetti handfuls as high as they can. That creates a perfect, fluttering shower of confetti petals. You certainly don’t want confetti thrown straight into your faces!

Table confetti

If you are having a wedding breakfast or an evening do, you might want to consider using table confetti.

Rustic Wedding Lace - Heart Table Confetti
Rustic Wedding Lace - Heart Table Confetti

Table confetti can be sprinkled across each table to add a pretty finishing touch to your décor scheme. You could choose confetti that reflects the overall colour scheme of your wedding or perhaps go for glittery, metallic confetti that catches the light and helps to create a party atmosphere in the evening.

Final thoughts

A confetti shower makes the perfect, traditional start to a newly married couple’s celebrations. Make sure that you order plenty of confetti for your guests, ensure that they know how to throw the confetti, and brief your photographer before the big day.


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