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Christening Theme Ideas...

A new baby is a cause for celebration. When you become a parent, you embark on a journey filled with new and rewarding experiences. A Christening is the perfect way to mark this new beginning. It gives all your friends and family a chance to meet your new addition and celebrate the beginning of their life. Christenings are usually held in places of worship, with an informal party held at the hosts’ home afterwards. A christening is something that’s only happens once in a lifetime, so you’ll want to make sure that everything is exactly as you want it. Everything from your Christening invites, to the decorations, to the food you serve should be planned meticulously. It will help to create wonderful memories for you, your guests and your child.

Christening Theme Ideas

Your christening theme should reflect your tastes and personality. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Animals – Everyone loves animals. This makes them the perfect theme for a Christening. Choose some favourite animals and base your party decorations on them. Send Christening invitations decorated with cartoon animals or cuddly toys. You could even ask your guests to bring your baby gifts based on the theme.
  • Photographs – Prior to the Christening ceremony, you could take your new baby for a professional photo shoot. Not only will it give you something to commemorate this magical time, the photos can also be used as christening party decorations. You can create personalised Christening invitations packs using a photograph of your baby to send to your guests. They will love having a memento of the special occasion! You can then blow up some of the photos and use them to decorate your home or party venue.
  • Gender Specific – There are a number of gender specific themes you can use to celebrate the birth of your baby boy or girl. You can send invitations and use invitations adorned with fairies, cute teddy bears or pink cupcakes to commemorate your new baby girl. Rockets and trains provide great themes for a baby boy’s Christening.

Colour Themes

For many new parents, choosing a specific theme for the Christening can be incredibly time consuming. Choosing a colour scheme is often a simpler option, and will still create a beautiful theme for your baby’s Christening party.

Colour Themes for Baby Girls

  • Pink – Pink is the obvious choice for a baby girl’s Christening. Decorate with a number of different shades of pink to avoid your party venue looking too over the top!
  • Purple – If you think a pink theme for a baby girl is too cliché, why not choose a purple theme for your Christening party? Beautiful shades of purple are still ‘female friendly’, without conforming to the stereotype.

Colour Themes for Baby Boys

  • Baby Blue – Baby blue is a classic theme for a boy’s Christening. There are hundreds of baby blue invitations and decorations that you can use for your party.
  • Black and White – A ‘black and white’ theme can create an incredibly unique and classy christening. Send invitations decorated with a beautiful black and white baby photograph, then extend the theme throughout your party.