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What to Put on a Baby Announcement Card

What to Put on a Baby Announcement Card
Here at Dotty About Paper, we get plenty of questions about one of the most exciting parts of welcoming a new baby into the world - telling everyone else about it! Baby announcement cards might seem a little old-fashioned, but they're a personable and unique way to tell your family and friends about the new arrival. So, we've put together a handy guide to what you should put on a baby announcement card. Our large selection of baby announcement cards has something special for everyone.

Decide on your style

What to Put on a Baby Announcement Card - Baby Announcement Cards - Girls Photo Typography Featured Product: Baby Announcement Cards - Girls Photo Typography
Are you going to be formal or fun? Will you use photos of your new bundle of joy or cute cartoons and pictures? The type of card you pick will often inform the kind of information you put on there, so pick your card carefully.

Keep it simple

The purpose of the birth announcement card is to let people know that there's a brand new baby in the world - and it's yours! So it's better to keep things simple when you sit down to write it, rather than cluttering the card up with information people don't need to know. Traditionally, the card begins with a phrase or saying like 'Congratulations' or 'Hello, World'. Then, the names and surnames of the parents and of course, the new full name of the baby.
What to Put on a Baby Announcement Card - Baby Announcement Cards - Grey Photo Trio
Some cards also include other information about the baby, including its date of birth, what time it was born, how much it weighed and its height. You can also include the names of any siblings that the new baby has and how proud everybody is about the new birth.

Example Structure

Mrs X and Mr Y are proud to announce the birth of
First - Middle - Last Name
January 1st 2020
6lb 5oz
17 inches
Extra Information
What to Put on a Baby Announcement Card - Baby Announcement Cards - Neutral Photo Typography
If you're looking for your cards to be informal and fun, you can include a little message at the bottom of them. Sometimes these will be pre-printed, so make sure you pick an announcement card that matches how you feel. Lots of parents choose phrases like 'Mum and baby are doing well' or 'Mum and Dad are tired but in love with the new arrival'. If you do want to put an extra message onto the card, pick something that comes from the heart so people can really see your joy through the announcement.