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Your back-to-school checklist... so you don't need one!

Your back-to-school checklist... so you don't need one!

The beginning of the summer holidays feels like a distant memory! That time of the year has quickly come back around again! Yes, it’s almost time for them to go back to school. To avoid the panic and rush, sort out what they need to be back-to-school ready with our carefully put-together checklist. This will make sure they’re organised and happy for their first day back! Here’s a list of back-to-school essentials…

An organised school lunch box

If they bring in their lunch from home, it always helps to make sure they have a fresh lunchbox for the new school year! My favourite lunch boxes, especially for primary school children are Bento lunch boxes. These are lunch boxes with multiple sections/compartments. This way, you can ensure you give them everything they need and avoid any picky eaters' disasters!

School bag

A new school bag for the new year is essential for children of every age! After a year of heavy items, being kicked onto the floor and enduring all weathers, it’s important to get one that can withstand all of that for another year. Make sure they’re big enough to hold any new books they’ll be using this year, that they’re waterproof and of course fun and exciting. If your child has pride in their bags and they love them, they should be kept nicer for longer (in theory!)

Drinks bottle

If they may have lost it or are in need of a new one, it’s definitely a great idea to invest in a new water bottle. I would recommend a stainless steel or metal one. This way, they last for years to come and will keep their drinks warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. It’s also a great way of ensuring their bottles are always identifiable in the cloakroom!

Name Labels

Make sure that all these lovely new things don’t get lost within the first term back at school. It’s a great idea to keep everything labeled with their names. Shop our range of waterproof and washable name labels. Visit our Instagram for how to wash your items with our name labels in the washing machine and in the sink!

Hand Sanitisers

There are ever-changing covid levels and rises in coughs and colds as they return to school. Therefore, hand sanitiser is as important as ever. Getting them a child-friendly and pleasant-smelling bottle will encourage them to use it much more often. You can even get them attached to a key chain to hang off their brand-new school bags. This means they're ready to use at a moment's notice!



They may not need new books and planners as most schools will provide this. Therefore, make sure that they are up to date with the insides of their pencil cases. Most pens will last from year to year but it may be an idea to test-run their highlighters, gel pens, and sharpies!