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What to Write in a Teacher Thank You Card

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Teacher thank you cards are a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate your school teachers! But what should you include? Check out our guide below and learn how to write a card they'll love.


Start your teacher thank you card by addressing your teacher with their title and surname. For example:

"Dear Mrs. Smith"

"To Mr. Brown"

Keeping the greeting formal shows that you respect the teacher. Avoid sounding to familiar with greetings like Hi.

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This is where you can express your gratitude in your own words. Before you begin writing on your card, we recommend making a draft beforehand so you can plan what you're going to say. So, what should you include?

Their Help

Mention specific ways in which your teacher has helped you thrive. Maybe they helped you understand a subject you found difficult, encouraged you to make new friends, or provided extra support when you needed it. Thanking them for particular things will make your card feel unique to you, making it stand out from the other cards they'll receive. It also shows that you have really thought about your thank you message, giving the card a truly genuine feel! For example:

"I have always struggled with science, but you made every lesson easier to understand!"

"If it wasn't for your advice, I would have really struggled to cope with my work. Thank you for teaching me how to exceed and succeed!"

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Their Personality

Think about your teacher's qualities and mention your favourite things about them in the card. For instance, are they kind, patient, funny, or generous? Think about how their personality has helped you to grow and learn! For example:

"Thank you for making every class so much fun."

"I will never forget all the kindness you showed me."

If you're still struggling, just remember to make your wording personal, polite, and heartfelt!

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End your teacher thank you card with a traditional sign-off. For example:

"Yours Truly"

"Yours Sincerely"

"Kind Regards"

To complete, sign your name at the bottom. Your thank you card is now ready to give to your teacher. Simply put your stationery inside an envelope, add your teacher's name to the front, and deliver a note they can treasure forever! Shop all our teacher thank you cards on our website.