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What Do You Write on a 60th Birthday Invitation?

What Do You Write on a 60th Birthday Invitation

Having a party to celebrate your 60th birthday? How fun! Here are our top tips and advice for 60th birthday invitation wording...

Remember the details

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Writing a birthday invitation is much simpler than most people think. There are just a few key pieces of information to remember. These include:

  • Your name
  • The date of the event
  • The time
  • The location
  • The dress code
  • Details of the food and drink
  • RSVP details (usually telephone number or address)

Once you have included these key details, you can add any other wording you like.

Find a theme

What type of event is your party going to be? Make sure to reflect the party theme throughout your wording.

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Having a formal birthday event? Check out our formal wording blog for inspiration! For chilled parties with the family and close friends, you can make your wording light-hearted and fun to suit.

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If you can't find a theme that suits you, don't worry! Opt for a simple but stylish invitation that guests of all ages will love, such as our 'Sparkly Typography' design, and add some basic wording. It doesn't have to be complicated!

Choose a design to suit you

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Whatever birthday theme you're having, you're sure to find beautiful stationery to match at Dotty about Paper! Head over to our easy-to-use website to explore our full range of 60th birthday invitations. With birthday invitations starting at just 48p, you just can't go wrong!

If you have enjoyed reading this blog, why not check out our other ones? We have a wide range of birthday tips, tricks, and inspiration to help you have an amazing party!