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What is a wedding guest book?


A wedding guest book is a small book that is left out at your wedding reception for guests to write a personal message in. A guest book usually has a designated place at your reception and can be accompanied by a sign to help it stand out and let guests know that it’s there.

Guests record messages throughout the evening to the bride and groom, creating a perfect keepsake from their big day. They are a lovely way to remember your wedding day with the heartfelt messages. Humorous messages can also be written depending on how late it was when they wrote their message... And how much alcohol they’d had!

Wedding Guest Books
Wedding Guest Books

Guest Book Styles

Wedding guest books come in a range of different colours and designs and can be themed to the rest of your wedding stationery. They can also be personalised with the couple's names and wedding date on the front adding that extra special touch.

When choosing a guest book, the style or colour is ultimately what sells it to you, but be aware how many pages it contains versus how many guests you have. Although you may of only sent one invite per family or couple, they may decide on writing more than one message if they want to write something more personal from themselves so you will need to allow for this.

Depending on the size of the book, you will probably get 1-3 messages per page or per side. If you have got a lot of guests and don’t think you will have enough space based on your estimate, then you will need to consider either buying a larger book. Or if you are really fixed on a particular one, then you could buy two, ensuring there is plenty of space for everyone to write a message.

Typographic - Rose Gold Foil Guest Book
Typographic - Rose Gold Foil Guest Book

Ensuring the Guest Book is Signed

After you've gone through all the time and trouble of choosing and buying your wedding guest book, you will want to make sure everyone signs it. It's always worth designating this job to a trusted usher or bridesmaid as you will be far too busy during your wedding day to do this yourself.

You can get guests to sign the book as they enter your reception venue or make sure that it is passed around during the course of the evening so that everyone gets a chance to sign it. Position your guest book in a place that most people will pass. For example, by the bar, the buffet, or even your wedding cake if it is in a visible place.

Guest Book Alternatives

If you like things that are a bit different, there are alternatives out there.

Wedding Signature Frame

The wedding signature frame usually displays the words ‘please sign our wedding signature frame', along with the couple's names and date of their wedding. The mount is placed into a frame without glass and presented in the same way as a guest book. But this time the guests will write a short message on the mount surrounding the print. After your wedding, the print can be removed and replaced with a photo from your special day, framed, and hung on your wall.

Wedding Message Plate

Wedding message plates are also a great alternative to the traditional guest book. The plate usually comes with a marker pen and information on what to do. The downside to this type of thing is that more care will need to be taken if it’s to be passed around your venue. It is also very limited on space. But it does create a lovely keepsake once it’s been signed.

Wedding Fingerprint Tree

A wedding fingerprint tree is a unique alternative to the more conventional book. A personalised print is usually supplied with a tree outline with leaves made from the fingerprints of your guests. Different coloured ink pads can colour coordinate to your wedding or the room in which you’re hanging it after your wedding.

Fingerprint Tree - Vintage Tree
Fingerprint Tree - Vintage Tree