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What Is a Funeral Post Box?


We always recommend for our customers to have a funeral post box at the funeral they are planning, but what exactly is it? And do you need one?

What is a funeral post box?

At a funeral, you will need a place where guests can put their cards or donations. A post box is ideal for this. It is a box that can hold all of your cards and donations, and can be personalised to suit you.

They are available in a wide range of designs and styles for any funeral.

Funeral Post Box - Traditional Roses Photo

Our funeral post boxes can be personalised to suit you. They can feature a photograph of your loved one, as well as their name, and their date of birth and death. You may also wish to include a quote.

Let us know what you would like on your post box and we will do our best to help you out. Our beautiful post boxes cost £15.

Do you need one?

Whilst you don't need a post box, we would always recommend to have one. It means you can keep any cards that guests bring in the same place, which prevents your venue from getting in a mess, and means you won't lose any either.

Funeral Post Box - Blue Photograph Memories


We hope you have found this blog useful. For more help and advice on funeral stationery, be sure to check out our other blogs.