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What is a Funeral Condolence Book


When shopping online for funeral stationery, you may come across Funeral Condolence Books. But what are they? And why should you get one?

What is it?

A condolence book is a funeral guest book, where friends and family can write thoughtful messages on the day of the funeral. These can be messages to the relatives of the deceased, expressing their sympathies, or messages complimenting the funeral service. In fact, guests can write anything they want. This means that it will be full of personality, as well as thoughtful.

Condolence Guest Book - Watercolour Forget Me Nots

It is also a place where funeral guests can write their memories of the deceased, making it a beautiful book to look back on and remember your loved one fondly.

Why should you get one?

There are many reasons for getting a funeral condolence book. They make a beautiful keepsake as they are filled with sweet messages that you will love to look back on. It's a great way to remember the memories that loved ones had with the deceased, which makes it special.

Condolence Guest Book - Sea View Path Photo

There are also so many gorgeous condolence books to choose from, making it easy to find a design that matches your loved one's personality and style. You can then proudly display the book in your home as it makes a stunning centrepiece with so much meaning.

Condolence Guest Book - Pink Photograph Memories

Condolence books are also very affordable. We know that planning a funeral can be very expensive, especially as it can be an unforeseen cost. However, fortunately a funeral condolence book should only cost you around £10-£20, making it an affordable keepsake from your loved one's funeral.


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