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Wedding Thank You Cards for after the Big Day

Wedding Thank You Cards for after the Big Day
Assuming that you've made it to the altar and had one of the best days of your life, you mustn't forget to say thank you to all of your loved ones for coming along and supporting you on your big day (and probably reminding you when you forgot to do something or had a mini-meltdown along the way!) Wedding thank you cards for after the big day are important - and it will also remind all of your guests of your happy day the second the cards drops through their door. It also serves as a reminder to get any informal photos developed which they may have taken on your wedding day. Lot's of couple decide to put a note in with the thank you card to ask for any extra photos to be emailed to them. These pictures can often tell a funny 'behind the scenes' story or even be some of the best photos of the day as they capture people informally. So, don't forget your thank you cards after the wedding - we're sure we don;t have to tell you to remember the big day itself!