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Three Ideas for Princess Birthday Invitations

Three Ideas for Princess Birthday Invitations

Many little girls dream of being a princess and their birthday is the perfect time for this. When it comes to princess birthday parties, it is important to let the guests know that this is the theme. The best way of doing that is by using princess birthday invitations and there are plenty of ideas for these.

The first, and something that is extremely popular at the moment, is Disney princesses. You could make the invites and include some of the most favourite princesses, such as Snow White, Fiona from Shrek and Ariel from the Little Mermaid. There are plenty of companies that make birthday invitations with Disney princesses on them, which helps to cut down on the time spent.

If you have time and your daughter is interested in history, opting for the historic princesses is an option. There are plenty to choose from and there is no need to just stick with British history. This is a great way to make the party different but it is not suitable for everyone. This theme will also be a little more difficult when it comes to princess birthday invitations as you will likely need to make your own.

Another option is where your daughter is the princess for the day and her guests are other members of the royal household. This is a great way to make a full day event of the birthday party, especially if it involves a sleepover afterwards. There are plenty of parts for guests, such as ladies-in-waiting, maids and servants. This is something that you could include on the princess birthday invitations so everyone knows what they are doing.