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The Wedding Breakfast - Not a Breakfast At All!

The Wedding Breakfast - Not a Breakfast At All!
We're often asked the question by people visiting from abroad: 'What is the wedding breakfast?'. The answer is that it's a traditional celebrated meal, thrown for the bride, bridegroom and wedding guests, following the marriage ceremony. And, no, it doesn't usually happen in the morning! The reason why it's traditionally called a breakfast dates back to Pre-1887 and a law that stated that a wedding had to take place before noon! Luckily this is no longer the case and weddings can take place at anytime, but the term wedding breakfast is still used for the meal which follows your ceremony. In your wedding invitations and wedding menus, you may wish to refer to the wedding breakfast, or you may simply refer to it as a wedding reception. At The Card Gallery, we can personalise your stationery to suit whichever terminology you prefer best. So, no matter whether you are having a breakfast, informal buffet meal or silver service evening affair, we will be able to produce the perfect wedding stationery for you.