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The Most Frequent Question We Get Asked

The Most Frequent Question We Get Asked

When is the best time to send out your save the date cards? It’s a question we get asked all of the time and the answer is usually the same – as early as possible!

We understand that every wedding is different, and will run to different timescales: some brides will be engaged and planning for years and others will have just a matter of days or weeks between saying ‘Yes!’ and walking down the aisle. Sending out a save the date card or magnet isn’t designed to give people the specifics of your wedding day - asking guests for their menu selections a year in advance doesn’t quite work! Instead, you are just informing them of the day of the wedding and asking them to kindly try to plan around that day so they are free to be a guest on your big day. We’ve had a few brides who have still not been sure of the actual date but have the weekend or week earmarked as a possibility. This isn’t ideal as it blocks out a large chunk of time in your guest’s diary, but it’s still acceptable if you cannot confirm until nearer the date. More and more couples are choosing to tie the knot abroad and it is in these circumstances that you should give as much notice as possible and send out your save the date cards very early. This is because people need to make extra arrangements to attend your wedding such as booking a flight, hotel, or time off work. The same goes for if you are having a wedding in this country but have guests flying in from further afield – flights tend to be cheaper in advance and your guests will thank you for it later! For any weddings which are a little different, you could give your guests a heads-up way in advance of your wedding date. For example, if you are having a specific theme to your wedding and require guests to wear particular clothing, or if the wedding takes place on a national holiday or during the working week which might make it more difficult for people to attend. You can also advise in a save the date card if children are included/excluded from the day as some people may need to make additional childcare arrangements. So, in answer to the question we get asked the most - when is the best time to send out your save the date cards? We say, as soon as you confirm that date!