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Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating!

Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating! - Thumbnail
Trick or treating is a fun Halloween tradition that kids love every year. However, there are a few things to consider beforehand. Here are our favourite tips to make sure your kids have a spook-tacular day!

1) Costume

If you're looking for a traditional spooky costume at a low price, try this skeleton costume, it's super simple and classic! We also love this witch outfit, which is adorable as well as scary. This bat cape makes a super easy costume for time-pressed parents, all you need to do is add black trousers. Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating! - Girls If you're extra creative, you could always try a DIY outfit. We love this zombie outfit by Betz White. It's super easy to make and perfect for parents on a budget, and can always be made with clothes your kids already have. Add some fake blood to make it extra scary! Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating! - Betz White

2) Costume Safety

Fire Safety Fire is one of the largest dangers while trick or treating. With many houses having carved pumpkins or lanterns decorating their gardens, make sure your costumes aren't completely flammable. If your child is wearing a dress or cape, make sure that they're a suitable length and don't drag across the floor, risking setting alight if they stand too close to a pumpkin! Hemming costumes prevents danger and also means your kids are less likely to trip up and hurt themselves. Shoes While sandals might look lovely with your daughter's witch costume, you should try and stick to trainers or canvas shoes. These are much more practical and will make sure your kids are comfortable. Before they leave, double tie their laces to prevent them from tripping over. Makeup and Face Paint Test out any products you're directly applying to your children's skin by doing a patch test around 48 hours before full use. Toy Weapons Make sure any weapons your kids have in their costumes are safe, you don't want anyone's child getting a devil's fork to the eye! Many plastic weapons can be replaced with foam ones, which are much safer, or just not used. If you want to be extra savvy, try making your own weapons out of cardboard.

3) Be Seen in the Dark

Late October nights are short, which means kids will probably be out after dark. It is important to make sure your kids are equipped with torches. We also recommend trying to co-ordinate some reflective accessories into their outfits to help them be seen by passing vehicles. We suggest adding reflective stickers to kids' Halloween baskets or giving your kids glow sticks to wear as bracelets or necklaces. Not only will this help them stay safe, but it will make their Halloween even more fun! Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating! - Hellobee This DIY glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume by Hello Bee is super simple and keeps kids safe, too! It also works amazingly with glow-in-the-dark face paints. Face paints will help kids be seen and are super fun.

4) Stranger Danger

We always tell our kids to stay away from strangers, so why does this go out of the window on Halloween night? Make sure your kids are safe by only letting them go to houses of people you know and trust. This prevents any nasty surprises and possibly even worse. If you live in a close-knit community, letting your kids roam around with some friends is probably fine; however, if you live in a big city or don't know all your neighbours, make sure kids only go to houses that you've approved beforehand. If you want to make sure they're extra safe, go with them. Depending on their age, your kids might find it a bit embarrassing being with a parent, but it's definitely better to be safe than sorry!

5) Knock Knock

If you do let your children have free rein over the neighbouring streets, make sure they don't pester anyone who doesn't want to be pestered. Make sure your kids stay away from houses with 'no trick or treating' signs. If they knock on a door once and no-one answers, make sure they don't keep knocking!.

Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating! - Pumpkin

6) Inviting Friends

Nothing excites kids more than a fun invite for an evening with their friends! This 'Haunted House' invite sets the tone for a spooky party. If you want to involve trick or treating in your Halloween party, make sure to mention a specific time for the kids to meet. Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating! - Haunted House Halloween Invitation Featured design: 'Haunted House'

7) 'Treat' Ideas

Whilst this blog is all about preparing your kids for trick or treating, remember that other kids will knock at your door, too! Stock up on treats beforehand so nobody is left disappointed. Below, we have included a list of our favourite treat ideas, including non-edible options. Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating! - Sweets Sweets Sweets are the highlight of Halloween for many kids, but they can be expensive. Rather than buying sweets individually, buy multi-packs like these Mars Fun Size Party Mix and these Haribo Star Mix, as this works out much cheaper. If you buy large packets of sweets, make sure they are wrapped individually! For something extra spooky, try these pumpkin-shaped chocolates or these eyeball lollipops. Toys Everyone knows kids love stickers. A spooky set of stickers, like these, are perfect for a low-cost treat and will make kids smile. Likewise, temporary tattoos are also a favourite. Eyeball bouncy balls will make kids laugh, too. If you want to buy a range of toys at a low price, this Halloween toy assortment is ideal.

8) Fill Up

For parents, kids that are full of E numbers can be one of the scariest sights on Halloween! Prevent a sugar overdose by feeding your kids a filling dinner before trick or treating begins. We have found some ideas for meals that keep the spooky spirit going. Spider Pizzas This recipe by BBC Good Food is perfect for kids on Halloween. Making pizzas keeps them busy and entertained before they dress up. These ones have a spooky feel, with the tomato sauce looking like blood and the creepy spiders made out of vegetables! Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating! - BBC Good Food Hot Dog Mummies Wrap hot dogs with long strips of pastry to create these hot dog mummies (recipe by Yummy Healthy Easy). These tasty treats make a healthier alternative to sausage rolls and are much more fun for kids. Pair these with some classic tomato soup for a bloody twist. Go on and treat them, it's the only time of year we encourage kids to play with their food! Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating! - Yummy Healthy Easy Spooky Smileys Most kids are a fan of classic potato smileys. Add a Halloween twist by making them out of sweet potato. They look just like tiny pumpkins and are super healthy and delicious. This recipe by Live Eat Learn also has potato ghosts and beetroot witch hats. Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating! - Live Eat Learn

9) Sweet Safety

When your child comes home with a basket full of sweets, give them an inspection before letting them scoff their faces! Having dodgy treats is rare, but does happen. Check for holes in wrappers or discolouration, and throw out anything that isn’t wrapped. If your child has any common allergies, double-check the ingredients of shop-bought treats and skip homemade ones. Finally, if you have young children, remove food that could be a choking hazard (such as boiled sweets and lollies). Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating! - Boiled Sweets

10) Road Safety

Make sure you inform your kids all about road safety before they go. Children can become very excited and want to run around, which can be dangerous if you live near busy roads. Make sure your children keep their torches on at all times and they look both ways before crossing any roads. If your kids are under 12, it is best to either go with them or send a responsible older sibling or friend. It is also important as an adult to remember to drive carefully and slowly, as a child could run out into the road at any time. Remember that although you can see them, they might not see you!

Ten Top Tips for Trick or Treating! - Witch Sign