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What to Write in a Card for a Teacher Who Is Leaving


Writing a card for a teacher who is leaving can be tricky. What should you write? How personal should it be?

Fear not as we are here to help! Here is a quick guide for you to follow to write your perfect cards:

Say you're sad to see them go

When you start the card, it is good to say something really thoughtful. We recommend to say that you are sad that they are leaving, or that you will miss them.

This will make them feel special, and makes the card so much more heart warming.

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Here are some of our favourite wording examples that you may wish to use:

'I'm so sorry to see you go!'

'I'm was so sad to hear that you are leaving!'

'I wish you all the best with your new adventures!'

'I will miss you!'

What did you enjoy about their lessons?

Then, add what you enjoyed about their lessons - whether it was their amazing teaching or their funny jokes. Be as honest as you want - but remember to stay kind!

'I loved doing science experiments in your lessons! They were always so fun.'

'Your science lessons were always so interesting! You have sparked my passion for chemistry.'

'You made science so engaging for me, and I am thankful.'

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What will you take with you?

Mention how you will use the skills they have taught you going forward. This will remind them that they are an awesome teacher.

'Now science is my favourite subject! I can't wait to study it at GCSE / A Level / Degree level'

'The presentation skills you taught me will stay with me for life!'

'Thanks for helping me with my confidence! I will use the skills you've taught me when looking for a job.'

What did they mean to you?

Then, if you were extra close with them, tell them what they meant to you.

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Here are some examples:

'To my favourite teacher...'

'You're the best! Your new school is so lucky to have you.'

"One in a million!'

'You helped me so much at school! Thanks for always being so kind.'

Say thank you!

Finally, say 'Thank You!'. This shows how appreciative you are of the hard work they put in.

Sign off your card with these kind words:

'Thank you so much, from Nicola!'

'Thanks again, Nicola!'

'A million thank yous! From Nicola!'

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We hope this has helped you write your perfect card for a teacher who is leaving!

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