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How Do You Respond to a Birthday Invitation RSVP?

How Do You Respond to a Birthday Invitation RSVP?

A physical birthday invitation with an RSVP card is a lovely thing to receive. It shows how much care and attention the organiser is putting into the event and makes it simple to accept. An RSVP is a stylish way of gauging attendance figures and it only takes a few seconds to reply. Here's how to respond to a birthday invitation RSVP.

What does RSVP mean?

RSVP stands for répondez s’il vous plaît, French for please respond. This polite way of reminding guests to let their host know whether they're planning to attend an event comes from the court of King Louis XIV, who reigned over France in the 17th century. By RSVPing, you'll give your host the opportunity to plan their party better!

How quickly should I RSVP?

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It's always best to respond to an invitation as quickly as possible. Otherwise, your RSVP can end up slipping your mind until it's too late. A quick response says you're excited about being invited and looking forward to celebrating.

How do I RSVP?

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If an RSVP card was sent with the birthday invite then you'll need to fill it in and send it back as quickly as possible. You can also send a text or email to let the organiser know the RSVP is on its way, but it's so much nicer to send and receive a formal RSVP by post.

What should I write?

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The wording can be anything from formal to fun. Use your best penmanship and literary skills to craft a personal message that lets your hosts know just how much you're looking forward to the event. You could try something simple like "thanks so much for the invite, can't wait to celebrate with you!" or the more formal "honoured to have been invited to your birthday and will be pleased to attend." If you have to decline, respond positively with wording like "I'm so sorry I can't be there but I know you'll have a wonderful time." Taking time to write a card that lets your host know how much you appreciate the effort they're putting in to make the birthday celebrations a success. So why not RSVP in style next time you receive a special birthday invite? Take a look at all our beautiful Party Invitations and getting your party started with a BANG!

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