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Who Should Receive a Funeral Bookmark Keepsake


You may have a lot of questions about funeral bookmarks.

What are they? Why should you buy them? How many do you need? And who should receive them?

We are here to help. This quick and easy guide will help answer all of your bookmark-related questions.

What are Funeral Bookmarks?

Funeral bookmarks are simply normal bookmarks which you would hand out to your guests after a funeral. They'd usually include a picture of the deceased, as well as the date that they were born and when they passed away, as well as a poem or a quote.

They are a small and affordable keepsake that all guests can use at home. When they are reading a book, they will always be reminded of that special person who passed away.

Funeral Bookmark - Traditional Roses Photo

Even for guests who don't do a lot of reading, they make a beautiful keepsake that can be kept in a special place and looked upon fondly.

Why should you buy Funeral Bookmarks?

There are lots of reasons to buy funeral bookmarks.

Firstly, they are very beautiful, with so many designs available. They can be fully personalised with your own unique wording and an image of your choice, making them so special to you.

Funeral Bookmark - Traditional Roses Photo

Secondly, they make a beautiful reminder of your loved one. Of course, they will always be remembered, but it is lovely to give people another reason to reflect on them special memories.

And finally, they are very affordable. We know that planning a funeral can be expensive, and getting every guest a keepsake can be difficult. However, these beautiful bookmarks cost just 80p each.

How many Funeral Bookmarks do you need?

Ideally, you would get one bookmark per funeral guest. This means everyone can have a keepsake from the day. However, you may also want to get a few extras for anyone who is unable to attend the funeral, as well as some more for immediate family and closest friends.

If you are on a tight budget, one bookmark per family or couple should suffice.

Who should receive Funeral Bookmarks?

Again, every funeral guest should receive a bookmark. It's good etiquette to make sure everyone who wants one can take one home.

Funeral Bookmark - Lemon & Lilac Flowers Border

If you have any more questions, please send us a message or give us a call. We are always so happy to help.


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