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Pros and Cons to Making Your Own Mommy Cards

Mother’s Day is a special time to remember the person that you call mum – or the person who you think of as a mum. Mommy cards are available from stores but you may consider making your own. There are pros and cons to making your own Mother’s Day cards and here are just some of them. The main benefit is that DIY cards are often more affordable, depending on how much detail you put on the cards and how you make them. Some people will make everything on the computer and just print the cards out, while others will want to make the cards by hand with glue, glitter and other additions. It is much easier to make the mommy cards more personal when making them yourself. This is because you have a blank canvas to work on. Many mothers appreciate the personal messages, no matter how short, because they have come from their children and not from someone who makes cards for a living. This is also a great way to involve the children; even children who are not old enough to write can be involved in making a card for Mother’s Day. This makes the day more special for the children as well as the mum as they have had a part in the day. However, making your own cards will take time and this is not something that all families have. It may also be difficult to make the cards without the mothers being around, especially in single parent households. Mommy cards